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The Love has the most tail-wagging pet sitters for your Family!!

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Tina with Mister Max

Tina had a little lamb

I am Tina McElvarr, a Certified Animal Health Technician (CAHT).  In 2000, I founded Love’m & Leave’m Home LLC Pet Sitting Services but have provided in-home pet care since 1972.  Prior to starting Love'm & Leave'm Home LLC ("The Love"), I worked as a Veterinary Technician for 28 years.  I am fully able to administer all types of medications, injections and fluid therapy to your animal family members, as prescribed by your veterinarian, as are several other pet sitters who provide services for The Love.   Most people use vet boarding facilities to ensure medical safety while they travel, or simply because they are not aware of the alternatives.  I have always strongly believed that a pet is much happier at home in a familiar environment.  The Love pet sitters are able to bring a medical background that allows your pet to stay in your home and maintain their normal routine while you are away.  Whether it is travel or extended daily work hours that prevents you from being home,  knowing that The Love will provide high quality pet care services can make the difference in your sense of comfort. Our pet sitters' background and experience will allow you to feel at ease when you are not at home, knowing your pets are in good hands!

I care about providing the highest quality pet care because I have several pets of my own.  My most favorite is the Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot named Boo.  I also have Max, who is a Golden Retriever Rescue dog, which I adopted from the Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (DVGRR) back in 2003.  The DVGRR provides a great service and we encourage anyone looking for a loving pet to check out the DVGRR website, which is listed under the Contact Us & Others link.  Besides Boo and Max, I also have Buster, a chocolate lab and two rescue kitties; Dylan, an orange tabby and Katie, who is a grey / white tabby. 

                                                                                        Tina with her friend, Chase

In 2008, Trish Treskot joined Love’m & Leave’m Home as a full-time pet sitter but quickly learned the business and became a partner in 2013. 


When I first joined The Love in 2007, Tina and I were it...we made up the team.  In the last seven years, we went from taking care of mainly dogs and cats to taking care of a lot of different kinds of animals.  We care for turtles, goats, chickens, lizards, snakes, bunnies, fish, hermit crabs and many others.  That has been a lot of fun!!  In 2011, Tina asked me to join as a partner and help with the business end of things.  We make a good team and so of course, I jumped at the chance.  Everyday is exciting and entertaining for us.  We have grown a lot together these past seven years and we feel we have put together an amazing team of pet sitters that provide wonderful pet care!  If it wasn't for these amazing pet sitters, I wouldn't be able to pursue another one of my true loves - umpiring softball.  In May 2013, I was selected to umpire the Division lll World Series in Wisconsin, it was amazing!  And because of this amazing team of pet sitters, I am able to travel and take advantage of these tremendous opportunities.  I'm excited to be a part of The Love and the "huge family" we have created (and that we are continuing to build upon) throughout Delaware County.  I hope you consider being part of our "family" too!!!

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